GMS Feedback and Suggestions

We have always strived to approach software development from a client-centered starting point, relying on our clients to give comprehensive feedback regarding the various GMS products offered and sharing suggestions for features to improve data entry and reporting, making GMS work for each client, streamlining data entry and data reporting.

We are thankful that our clients have and continue to offer program suggestions and feedback and are creating this post hoping that it will be a central point where you, the client, can visit and share your thoughts regarding GMS products.

Please take a few moments or minutes to post your suggestions and thoughts regarding our products. Please include in your post the product you currently use. For security purposes, please do not include your email or phone number, but please include your ranch name so that we have a way to contact you for clarification of your suggestion or comment and thanks.

Thank you, in advance, for visiting the GMS Tech Tips Help Desk, for your choice of GMS as a software asset, and for your time and thoughtfulness in posting. 

Mike Owens
President - GMS


  1. I would really like a user's manual so that I can read how to use the program.

    1. Please see the GMS YouTube Channel for training videos:

  2. Thank you for your post!

    Early in software development "history," user manuals were, indeed published, but with the rapid pace of technology and the demands that technology places on software development companies, user manuals are a "thing of the past." Blogs and YouTube type videos deliver on demand information to clients 24/7 and changes in products can be made quickly and more efficiently,

    The new format of software user information does take adjusting to for us who really feel more secure and comfortable with something printed, something that can be pulled off a shelf and underlined, but it's a new world every day in technology, and that change demands that not only software vendors, but software consumers make changes, as well!

    Please continue to post and let us know your suggestions.

    Thank you for visiting our blog!!!

  3. Maybe useful to have a report/view that shows a selected sire and dam, and all of the buck or doe offspring that grew on your farm. Bucks would need to include the pictures of them. Good for marketing.

    1. Thank you for your post. GMS contains a Lineage Report which shows all Offspring Bucks and Does. If you cannot see this data, please email for assistance.

  4. Thank you for taking the time and posting here! GMS does have a feature under Animal Search where a sire and dam can be selected and a search completed. Each offspring's record listed can be clicked to show its herd inventory record.

    Please let us know if you have questions or are interested in finding out more about GMS.