GMS AFRICA Feedback and Suggestions

GMS Africa is built on the same time-proven, client centered approach of software development as GMS continues to draw upon to provide clients with the most thorough and seamless software business asset to inventory, track, and report all aspects of ranch management and whitetail deer breeding.

Taking the most comprehensive and relevant features of GMS and applying them to GMS Africa and the African hoof stock breeding and professional hunter industries, GMS continues to develop this GMS companion product.

Please take a few moments or minutes to post your feedback and suggestions regarding GMS Africa so that we may continue to provide the gold standard in software. For security reasons, please do not post your name or telephone number. Kindly include your ranch/operation name so that we may contact you for clarification purposes and thanks. 

Thank you, in advance, for visiting the GMS Tech Tips Help Desk, for your choice of GMS Africa and for your time and thoughtfulness in posting.

Mike Owens
President - GMS

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