Saturday, January 27, 2018

Installation of GMS due to Hardware/Software Failure or Hardware Replacement

To reinstall GMS due to hardware or software failure or if you’re moving GMS to another computer as part of an equipment upgrade, please follow these steps

You will need to first complete the installation prerequisites, install GMS, manually register GMS, restore data, a recent backup, from your former GMS installation.

Installation Prerequisites:

  • Critical Non-driver Updates:
  • Disable User Account Control:


  • Crystal Reports: 

Here is a link for installing GMS:

 Note:  Embedded in the GMSA installation link is a link to download GMSA.  The security credentials for downloading GMSA are listed below.

The following GMS download credentials will be provided to you by GMS technical support:
 User Name:           

Manual registration of GMS:

Data restoration:

Once your new installation is installed and data verified, you can then uninstall GMSA from the original computer.

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