Monday, December 12, 2016

Adding Semen Inventory

GMS features allow you to keep an inventory of semen straws including purchase and AI detail. 

Before you add Semen straws, you will need the following data available in GMS.
  • Semen Buck Breeder Contact
  • Semen Bank, Canister, and Tank
  • Semen Buck in Herd Inventory

Add Semen Buck Breeder Contact

Go to Create/Set up Property and add the semen buck Breeder Contact in Contact Setup.


Add Semen Bank, Canister, and Tank

Go to Breeder Setup Options and choose Semen Banks, Semen Canisters, and Semen Tanks buttons to add records.

- Semen Banks - 

- Semen Canisters -

- Semen Tanks -

Add Semen Buck in Herd Inventory

Go to Breeder Package and add the Semen buck record in Herd Inventory. This herd inventory record created will be for lineage only. Do not select a value in the Date Added field.

Add Semen Straw records
Once buck is added in Herd Inventory, choose the Semen button from the left menu.

Complete the Semen Straws form with Breeder, Bank, Tank, Canister, Date Straws Filled, Price, and Number of.

Choose Add Straws Now and view the added straws.

View entire Semen Straw inventory by going to Semen Search under Breeder Package.

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